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Advancing veterinary diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology through excellence


The European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS) is composed of one voting representative from each of the 25 EBVS-recognized veterinary specialist colleges, comprising more than 35 distinct specialties. 


EBVS is a European organisation focussed on veterinary specialisation in the Member States of the European Union and its neighbours, particularly Switzerland and Norway. EBVS specialists are also found in other countries.


The more than 3300 veterinarians active as European Veterinary Specialist™ are ready to serve the public, its animals, and the veterinary profession by providing high quality service in disciplines from anaesthesia and analgesia to zoological medicine. 


  • EBVS workshop in Estonia

     22 Feb 2017

    Communications group chair Professor Olli Peltoniemi (European Colleage of Animal Reproduction, ECAR) ran a workshop on EBVS at the Estonian University of Life Sciences on January 20, 2017 … more

  • EBVS newsletter

     06 Dec 2016

    Newsletter issue 10: Autumn 2016

    From the Editor

    The newsletter is an important part of EBVS communications. The newsletter has changed format with the move to the new EBVS website … more