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A specialist veterinarian is an individual who through additional education and training has become an expert on a particular subject, activity or branch of learning. There are currently more than 4000 EBVS™ European Veterinary Specialists. These are veterinarians who are highly skilled in a specific field having followed an additional training programme called a residency that enables them to develop detailed knowledge of a topic. Referral to a specialist veterinarian is made by your primary care (or first opinion) veterinarian.

European veterinary specialists are ready to serve the public, its animals, and the veterinary profession by providing high quality service across all the topics, species and disciplines that form the 27 veterinary specialist Colleges that fall under the umbrella of the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS). European veterinary specialists provide expertise, guidance and advice on many topics in veterinary medicine, food safety and food security and public health. They are also available for consultation, often through referral by a veterinarian, for clinical services in companion animals, horses and other equids and farm animals as well as for health management in most farm animal species.

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