European College of Aquatic Animal Health


The mission of the College is to contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of European Veterinary Specialists in the Health of cultured/maintained in captivity or wild aquatic animals, with the exception of marine or freshwater mammals, birds and reptiles, across all European countries at the highest possible level so as to ensure the improved veterinary medical services will be provided to the public.

The primary objectives of the ECAAH are to advance veterinary and related biological sciences and animal health care in Europe and increase the skills those practising in this field by

  • Establishing guidelines for post-graduate education and experience prerequisite to becoming a specialist in aquatic animal health
  • Examining and authenticating veterinarians as specialists to serve the veterinary patient, its owner and the public in general
  • Providing expertise in this specialty,
  • Encouraging research and other contributions to knowledge related to this specialty; and
  • Promoting communication and the dissemination of this knowledge.

CALL FOR DE FACTO DIPLOMATES - Deadline for submission of applications is Septemper 30, 2019

De facto Diplomate: is a Diplomate appointed by the Interim Executive Committee. During the first five years following provisional recognition of the College, the Interim Executive Committee may appoint a small number of additional de facto Diplomates who are also “Founding Diplomates” and are expected to contribute to the running of the College and must meet the general criteria described below.

Those wishing to apply for membership of the ECAAH  under this category should contact the ECAAH  executive committee:

Please note that under the terms of the provisional recognition granted to the ECAAH by the European Board of Veterinary Specialities (EBVS), the criteria outlined below must be strictly applied. The applicants should also include two letters of support (the letter template can be obtained from the College Secretary).

Criteria of De facto Diplomates:

  1. Have achieved distinction in the field and have qualifications achieved by training and experience far exceeding those proposed as necessary for candidates to take the certifying examination of the organization.
  2. Be initiators in their field.
  3. Be internationally recognized as a qualified specialist by peers, and
    1. have at least ten years experience practicing the speciality and by teaching, research, and practice have contributed significantly to the development of the speciality, and
    2. have advanced training (at European Qualifications Framework, level 8) in the speciality; have demonstrated competency through teaching, research and practice in the speciality to which the individual devotes most of his or her professional time, and
    3. be author of at least ten significant publications in peer-reviewed journals resulting from the research or practice in the specialty.
  4. Be uncontroversial to the majority of the membership.
  5. Spend at least 60 per cent of their time practicing the speciality, based on a normal working week of 40 hours, for the last at least 10 years.
  6. Be practicing in Europe.
  7. Practice scientific, evidence-based veterinary medicine, which complies with animal welfare legislation.
  8. Display the willingness to contribute to the growth of the College (e.g. by training residents).
  9. Apply high level knowledge and skills at the forefront of his/her specialist area of Aquatic Animal Health to their own professional work.
  10. Perform at a high level of competency through teaching, research and practice in their speciality area.
  11. Promote aptitude and proficiency in the field of Aquatic Animal Health.
  12. Demonstrate the ability to communicate their ideas and conclusions clearly and effectively to specialist and non-specialist clients and audiences.

Board Members