European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine

Objectives of the ECAWBM

The primary objectives of the College are to advance Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law (AWSEL) and Behavioural Medicine in Companion Animals (BM) and in Europe and increase the competency of those veterinarians who practise in these fields by:

a) Establishing guidelines for post-graduate education and experience prerequisite to becoming a specialist in one of the specialties of AWSEL and BM in Europe.

b) Examining and authenticating veterinarians as specialists in AWSEL and BM to serve the animals, their owners or keepers and the public in general, by providing expert advice and care.

c) Encouraging research and other contributions to advance knowledge relating to AWSEL and BM and promoting communication and dissemination of this knowledge.

Further objectives are:

d) Encouraging the public to use veterinary surgeons who are qualified to fill a unique and specific role in the delivery of modern comprehensive clinical AWSEL and BM at the specialty level.

e) Positioning the specialists in AWSEL and BM as a common source for referrals and consultancy in the veterinary community.

f) Improving and promoting the structure of health care, with particular regard to AWSEL and BM, for all animals, thereby improving the perception and understanding of this discipline by owners, veterinary surgeons and those others with an interest in these fields including legislators in national and European Authorities.

g) Providing an incentive and reward for achieving postgraduate education and experience in AWSEL and BM at the specialist level by restricting the title Diplomate of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine (AWSEL/BM) to those persons working in the field who have reached the highest level of achievement in their specialty.

h) Encouraging veterinary schools to establish in-depth instruction and high standards for training in AWSEL and BM and to develop specific funding for areas of research.

i) Promoting continued improvement of practice standards and knowledge in AWSEL and BM through continuing education and self-assessment.

j) Supporting sustainable practices in the management of AWSEL and BM. l) Encouraging social responsibility in management practices for all species.

Board Members

Chair Executive Group BM

Chair Executive Group AW