Dr Alenka Dovč


EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law

Employment: University in Ljubljana, Veterinary faculty (from 1990)
Educational work and habilitations: In May 2010 I was elected to associate professor in the field of "Animal health" and in 2015 to full professor in the same field. I’m involved in the regular education program. I’m participating in the teaching process at the Veterinary Faculty in four subjects: "Disease and health care for small animals" (birds, small mammals and reptiles) "Diseases and health care of poultry", "Breeding conditions and the health care of rabbits", "Breeding conditions and health care of reptiles and other exotic species". At the Biotechnical Faculty I’m involved in one subject "Breeding of pets". In these subjects I teach ethology, welfare, legislation associated to welfare and ethics in all previously mentioned animals. In October 2016 I will start with lectures in the course of Animal welfare, ethics and Legislation for veterinary students in the first year of study. This will be a new course in our faculty.
I’m involved in the research work in the program group P4-0092: “Animal health, environment and food security” especially on the theme “Exotic and Zoo animals”. My personal bibliography can be seen at the link:
In the professional work my mayor occupation is in the field of mentioned animals. I observe health status, housing and breeding conditions and care of animals in group/flock.
From 2002, I’m the agent to carry out risk assessments prior to the introduction and the nature of the repopulation of nonnative plant and animal breeding in the wild or exotic wildlife (Decision from the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning; approval assigned every five years). On this field of work I’m controlling the suitability of housing, care and nutrition. I’m checking the health status and suggesting appropriate solutions for improvement. My task is also to ensure conditions for preventing opportunities of escape into nature.
I was an active member of DOPPS (Slovenian part of BirdLife International) for nine years, and a member of the working group “European against Birds Crime”.
Zoo Ljubljana (from 2008 to 2012) – additional employment approved by Veterinary faculty
I was a head of veterinary ambulance and the shelter for dogs and cats "Gmajnice". Most of my time was designed to welfare.