Prof. Vlatko Ilieski

EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law

Short CV
Name Ilieski Vlatko
Date of birth: 24.01.1966
Country: R. of Macedonia
Education Doctor of veterinary medicine:
Veterinary faculty Zagreb, Croatia 11 semestars. Graduation 05.10 1991
Master of sciences (MSc):
Master of sciences at Institutes of Functional morphology Medicine faculty- Skopje title:: “Studies on coronary circulations at different brides of swine. September 1996
Doctoral thesis (PhD):
Morphological characterizations on coronary arteries in relations of myocardial in swine heart “on 17.09.1999 at Faculty of veterinary medicine Skopje
Diplomat of the European college of Animal welfare and Behavioral Medicine in the subspecialty of Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and law since 20.04.2015
Employment: Full professor Faculty of veterinary medicine Skopje since 2009

Proven scientific excellence

1. Member of the consortium and Workpackage leader in the project AWEAR, KBBE-4-265686 FP7- program 01.03.2011 до 28.02.2014 ( Development of deliverables for the project, publishing scientific papers ( see list)
2. Member of the consortium of the project: ECONWELFARE, KBBE-1-213095. FP7-program from 01.08.2008 till 31.07.2011
Development of deliverables for the project, publishing scientific papers (see list)
3. Coordinator of international project „The Western Balkans University Network for Animal Welfare” with participatuion of Universities of Western Balkan in cooperation with University of Bristol UK, realizations is part of RSPCA international program from 1.9. 2008 till 31.12. 2010.
4. Coordinator of international project Joint European Project (JEP) Tempus project CD_15017 - 2000 ( 807). Improvement of veterinary education in the Republic of Macedonia Consortium members ( University of Copenhagen; University of Giessen, University of Edinburgh EAEVE and FVE Duration 01.04. 2000-31.03 2003
5. Member of the consortium and Workpackage leader in the project: Animal welfare research for cattle production in Kosovo and Macedonia Number: K-11-2012 supported by Zentrum für Soziale Innovation, Wien, Austria Duration: 01.05.2013-01.09.2014-30.05.2015
6. Member of the consortium of the project: „The importance of chlamydia infections in birds for animal and human in Southeastern Europe”; SEE-ERA-NETs Pilot Joint Call, INTAS ref. Nr 06-1000031-10035 from 1.9.2007 till 31.5. 2008 Contract No. ERAC 51580
7. Coordinator of national project „ Chlamydiosis in animals and its zoonotic implications from 01.01.2004 till 4.11.2007 Contract No. 17-1018/1 part of COST actions 855.From 29.1.2004 till 01.07 2008 year
8. Member of Management committee of COST action FA1308 Dairy care Duration: 21/03.2014 -20.03/2018
9. Member of Management committee of COST action BM1308 Sharing Advances on Large Animal Models (SALAAM) Duration: 19/05/2014-18/05/2018
10. Member of Management committee of COST action FA1301 A network for improvement of cephalopod welfare and husbandry in research, aquaculture and fisheries (CephsInAction) Duration:14/10/2013-13/10/2017
11. Member of Training School on Biology and Care of cephalopos in compliance with the requirements under Directive 2010/63/EU and FELASA recommendations. Lecturer on Module 2-Ethics,Animal welfare and the Three Rs
12. Member of the PhD panel “Model Organisms in Biomedical and Veterinary Research”University of Naples Federico II,Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Productions Italy May 11th 2015.

Experience in communication, based on teaching experience public presentation active participation in the meetings

1. TAIEX AGR50619 Workshop Implementation of OIE standards for control of stray dog population and zoonosis control in the Republic of Macedonia (lecturer) Title: Animal welfare center at faculty for veterinary medicine in Skopje 20-22 May 2013 Skopje Bitola R. of Macedonia
2. EU ANIMAL WELFARE STRATEGY CONFERENCE: Empowering consumers and creating market opportunities for animal welfare; Brussels, 29/02 01/03/2012, Charlemagne Building (Invited speaker) Title Guidance on the implementation of animal welfare legislation
3. TAIEX AGR41049 Animal Welfare: From cure to prevention (Lecturer )Title: Integration on AW in the curriculum through use of AW centres 24-25 March 2010 Serbia, Belgrade
4. Workshop TAIEX AGR30982 as lecturer title: “Capacity Building &Training for Animal Welfare – perspective of government services” 11 12.December .2008 Zagreb Croatia
5. TAIEX workshop АGR 31058 on Extramural teaching in the study of veterinary medicine invited lecture: Development a multidisciplinary academic platform through participation in lifelong learning programs 18-19 2008 September Zadar Croatia
6. International summer University Course labeling of animal product and Animal welfare (visiting professor) 12-23 July 2010 Prishtina Kosovo
7. Faculty member of Training School designed in compliance with requirements under the Directive 2010/63/EU and FLASA recommendations for accreditation of Education and Training courses in Laboratory Animals Science.(lecturer in Module 2 Animal welfare ethics and low). COST action FA1301 Cephs in Action

Experience in carrying out scientific risk assessment and providing scientific advice:

1. Project: Housing Risk welfare assessment CPF/EFSA/AHAW/2009/01 supported by European food safety agency EFSA Subcontracted as individual expert.
2. Veterinary expert, in veterinary subsector from 20.03 до 15.11.2004 as part of the project "Strengthening the veterinary services in the fYR Macedonia, Harmonization of Veterinary Legislation with the Acquis Communautaire supported by European Agency for Reconstruction.
3. Member of Federation of veterinarians of Europe (FVE) Animal welfare working group for development of welfare course syllables January 2012-April 2013. Publish a report (guidelines) for European veterinary faculties for developing animal welfare course syllabus ( .This group was established in collaboration of EAEVE and guidelines will be used in process of evaluation and accreditation of veterinary faculties across Europe.
4. Member of Federation of veterinarians of Europe Statutory body working group February 2013-February 2016 for implementation of EU directive 2005/36 for recognition of professional qualification ( )
5. Member of Continuing Professional Development Working Party of UEVP/FVE October 2014 October 2016