Dr. Hugues Guyot

EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Bovine Health Management

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) in 2000 (ULg). Private practice in France (dairy) and Belgium (beef). Assistant in the Clinic for Ruminants (ULg). Activity focused on herd health management. Master of Veterinary Science (Herd Health Management, ULg, 2002). Doctor of Veterinary Sciences (PhD) (ULg, 2007). First assistant (assistant lecturer) in the Clinic for Ruminants (ULg, 2008). Diplomate by examination of the ECBHM (2008). Member of ECBHM Education & Residency Committee (2009) and Board Member of ECBHM (2014). Creation of the Bovine Ambulatory Clinic (ULg, 2010). Activity both in individual medicine and herd health management. Research topics: trace elements deficiencies and supplementation, side-cow diagnosis test, emerging diseases in Belgium, metabolic diseases.