Prof Raphaël Guatteo


EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Bovine Health Management

Raphaël Guatteo is graduated from the College of Veterinary Science, Food Science and Engineering of Nantes (Oniris), France in 2000. After a period in rural practice, he joined the faculty for working as lecturer at the department of Farm animal health and public health of Oniris and also defended his Msc on respiratory disorders in beef cavles. Then he completed a PhD on the epidemiology of Q fever in dairy cattle. In 2007 he was recruted as senior Lecturer. In 2009, he passed the certifying examination of the European College for Bovine Health Management (ECBHM). He applied also successfully to the de facto recognition for the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioral Medicine (ECAWBM). Currently, he is full professor of bovine health management in the department of Farm Animal Health at the College of Veterinary Science, Food Science and Engineering in Nantes, especially within the clinic for ruminants (individual and population cattle medicine, epidemiology, welfare). His research topics deals with the estimation of the informative value of diagnostic methods (Q fever, Johne’s disease, Welfare) the assessment of the effectiveness of control schemes towards different infectious or production diseases (Q fever, Johne’s disease and Digital Dermatitis, metabolic diseases) and pain management in cattle.
He's the college representative of ECBHM at the EBVS board and member of the subcommittee Standards and Quality Assurance. and chair of the communication committee