European College of Veterinary Clinical Pathology

Veterinary clinical pathology is a discipline-oriented specialisation, which focuses on the development, application and interpretation of diagnostic laboratory procedures for monitoring animal health and the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and the monitoring of animal disease. It is applied primarily to companion, agricultural, and laboratory animals, but also to aquatic and zoo animals and wildlife.

The primary objectives of the ECVCP are to to advance veterinary clinical pathology, promote a high standard of veterinary clinical pathology and veterinary clinical pathologists practising in Europe, and to promote research in the area of veterinary clinical pathology in Europe by

  • Establishing standards of training, experience, and examination for qualification as a specialist in veterinary clinical pathology
  • Recognising such qualified specialists by suitable certification and other means
  • Developing and supervising continuing education programmes in veterinary clinical pathology
  • Encouraging and promoting the establishment of standards for the performance of laboratory procedures in veterinary clinical pathology, and
  • Furthering research and scientific progress in veterinary clinical pathology.

Board Members