Dr Elisabetta Treggiari


EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Oncology

Elisabetta graduated from Parma University (Italy) and soon after started a Masters Course in Small Animal Oncology, completed in 2008.
Elisabetta worked in small animal practice and then in oncology referrals before moving to the UK in 2010 where, after a period of time spent in general practice, she started a one-year rotating Internship in a private referral with a focus on medical and radiation oncology.
She completed a residency in small animal oncology at the University of Liverpool in 2015 and subsequently started working in a multi-disciplinary private referral in the UK, where she has been dealing with medical oncology cases. She currently works in a private referral in Italy, where she is responsible for the medical oncology service.
She is author of various articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and has delivered presentations in international congresses, courses and seminars about various topics in small animal oncology.