Prof. Katharina D.C. Stärk

EBVS® European Specialist in Veterinary Public Health - Population Medicine

Katharina graduated as a veterinarian from Zurich Veterinary School and obtained post-graduate qualifications from the Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland) and Massey University (New Zealand). Over the last two decades, she has conducted applied research on infectious diseases and zoonoses as well as methodological issues related to risk analysis, surveillance and animal health decision making in relation to animal-derived food. She has worked in diverse environments including government, private industry and academia in numerous countries. Katharina has repeatedly served on international working groups and expert panels. Katharina currently is Professor of Veterinary Public Health Policy at the Royal Veterinary College and Director for Sciene and Quality with Safe Food Solutions Inc, Bern. Her main passion lies in translating science to practice with the aim to assure safe food for all.