Associate Professor Kristin Warren

BSc BVMS(Hons) PhD

EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Wildlife Population Health

I have worked in the field of conservation medicine for 25 years, and am currently Associate Professor in Wildlife, Zoological and Conservation Medicine and Academic Chair of Postgraduate Studies in Conservation Medicine in the School of Veterinary Medicine, College of Science, Health, Engineering and Education at Murdoch University.

My research focuses primarily on determining the ecological drivers of disease and the role that disease plays in population declines of threatened wildlife species. Disease is a major threatening factor for wildlife conservation, and emerging infectious diseases are often associated with inter-relationships between human, animal and ecosystem health, decreased genetic variation, and anthropogenic environmental impacts.

Staff and students in the Conservation Medicine Program have undertaken research projects which focussed on wildlife health, ecology, and conservation management throughout Australasia, Africa, South-east Asia, Central and North America.