Dr Thomas Michael Donnelly


EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery

I am a specialist in small mammals and laboratory animal medicine. My work links the understanding of animal diseases and their complexities with the development of novel therapies for humans and animals. I received degrees in veterinary medicine and pathology from the University of Sydney, Australia, moved to New York to study comparative medicine and pathology at The Rockefeller University and stayed on providing regulatory guidance, research advice, medical attention and welfare supervision to researchers using animals in scientific investigations. With the increasing popularity of exotic pets, I became a part-time member of the Avian & Exotic Pet Services at the Animal Medical Center in New York, and later Adjunct Faculty at Tufts Veterinary School in Boston consulting in the Zoological Medicine Service. I am currently Research Professor at Alfort Veterinary School in Paris. I am especially committed to promoting and mentoring young clinicians.