Dr. Margherita Gracis

Dipl AVDC, Dipl EVDC

EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry

Graduated in 1993 from the Veterinary School of the University of Milano (Italy). She is a Diplomate of both the American (AVDC) and the European (EVDC) Veterinary Dental Colleges. Dr Gracis is Past President of the European Veterinary Dental Society (EVDS) and the Italian Veterinary Dental Society (SIODOV). She has been Scientific Director of SCIVAC courses in Dentistry since 2006, and ESAVS Course Master in Dentistry from 2011 until 2014. Dr Gracis is Associate Editor of Veterinary Dentistry and Oromaxillofacial Surgery (specialty section of Frontiers in Veterinary Science). She is consultant in Dentistry of the Scientific Committee of SCIVAC (Italian Veterinary Society – Small Animals) and member of the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Veterinary Dentistry and other scientific journals.