Dr Gema Alvarez Garcia


EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Parasitology

PhD in Veterinary (2003), Full Professor at the Animal Health Department of the Veterinary Faculty, Complutense University of Madrid (2020). My teaching and research career has been focused on animal health, Veterinary Parasitology and especially those diseases related to domestic ruminants, reproductive failure, and zoonosis. I am teaching Parasitology, Parasitic diseases, Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Zoonosis in Bachelors’ and Master’s Degrees in Veterinary and Food Science. I have supervised Bachelor and Master dissertations and PhD theses. I am currently a member of Animal Health and Zoonosis Research Group (SALUVET-UCM) (categorized as an excellent research group). My research activities include published manuscripts in SCI journals as well as national and international projects and participation in international conferences covering host-pathogen interactions, epidemiology, diagnosis, and control of infections caused by Apicomplexan parasites. I am a founder member of a spin-off, Saluvet-Innova SL, founded in 2015.