Veterinary Specialist Recognition

To be considered a specialist in Denmark, an individual has to have additional education and evaluation. The title of specialist is official and authorised. Most veterinary specialists have a PhD and then apply for the specialist title nationally. An EBVS College residency programme and qualification is considered to be an equivalent level as a PhD (i.e. EQF level 8) for many disciplines.

In the past, it took 3 years to get national specialist recognition but nowadays the response from the Ministry is automatic. In medicine, specialists have life-long recognition but for veterinary specialists this is for 5 years in line with EBVS. 

Diplomates of both provisionally- and fully-recognised EBVS colleges can be granted recognition in Denmark. However, the Ministry does not maintain an official list of specialists and thus the public has no access to a registry.

Advanced Veterinary Practitioners

The national “specialist” level is equivalent to at least EQF level 7.