Veterinary medicine falls under the remit of the  Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, based in Santa Venera. The Malta Veterinary Surgeons' Council (VSC) isthe statutory regulator of veterinarians in Malta, under  the Veterinary Services Act 2001 (cap 437), as amended. The VSC is composed of the chairman, and seven members (four elected, two appointed and a Ministry’s representative) and the Registrar. The VSC keeps a register of all veterinarians with a Permanent Warrant or Temporary Warrant (valid for 12 months) to practice as a veterinarian in Malta.

Advanced Veterinary Practitioners

Postgraduate veterinary training programmes leading to a Master's decgree (MSc) can be followed at the University of Malta.

Membership Organisations

The Malta Veterinary Association, based in Gzira, represents its members across the main brancjes of the profession - 37 small animal, 3 large animal and 2 mixed practitioners as well as 6 state veterinarians.