Veterinary medicine is governed by the Veterinary Law (2005) and falls under the Veterinary Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection based in Belgrade. Veterinarians graduate with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

Veterinary Specialist Recognition 

European Veterinary Specialists are not recognised oficially as specialists in Serbia. The title of National Veterinary Specialist can be obtained from an approved institution after successfully completed advanced supervised training and examinations in a specific discipline. There is no register of veterinary specialists in Serbia. 

Advanced Veterinary Practitioners

Middle tier qualifications for veterinarians have not been established in Serbia.

Continuing Education of Veterinary General Practitioners

Compulsory continuing education requirements have been in place in Serbia for veterinarians since 2011, as mandated by the Veterinary Chamber. The continuing education records of each licensed veterinarian are available in the public domain.

Veterinary Education

There are two schools in Serbia that offer a full veterinary curriculum leading to a veterinary qualification. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, founded in 1936, is based in Belgrade. The Department of Veterinary Medicine, which is a part of Faculty of Agriculture was founded in 2000 and is based in Novi Sad.

Membership Organisations

In addition to the Veterinary Chamber, which has a regulatory function, there are a number of membership organisations for veterinarians in Serbia including the Association of Large Animal Practitioners and the Association of Small Animal Practitioners. There is no membership organisation for veterinary specialists in Serbia.