69th IVSA Global Congress in 2020

 Published: 10 Feb 2020 | Last Updated: 10 Feb 2020 05:44

The International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) is a non-profit organization
run by volunteer veterinary students. IVSA’s mission is to connect veterinary
students from all over the world through education and cultural exchange . IVSA
arranges numerous meetings and events to encourage students to be more actively
engaged in veterinary science, while informing the public about the current
developments in this field.
The association holds two major events every year, a Symposium (in winter) and a
Congress (in summer). IVSA’s General Assembly decided that the 69th Congress will
be held in July of 2020 in Greece. The two Greek chapters of IVSA (IVSA-Thessaloniki
and IVSA-Thessaly) will cooperate to organize the event, which will take place in
Thessaloniki and Volos.
The Congress includes a scientific, entertainment, and touristic part, as well as the
General Assembly of IVSA. This event will last for 12 days. Local students from the
veterinary faculties of Thessaloniki and Thessaly will organize and manage the event.
200 veterinary students from around the world will attend. The scientific parts
include eight lectures and eight workshops from professors, veterinarians and
scientists from relevant fields, from both Greece and abroad.
For more information you can visit the official site links:http://www.ivsa.org http://www.ivsa.org/upcoming-congress-news/

The organizing committee is exploring financial and in-kind support. We are looking
for items to be included in the welcome bags for student attendees, as well as
monetary support for the accommodation, catering, and speaker honorariums.
The next generation of global veterinarians will participate in the Congress. . This
group will benefit from the educational and cultural itinerary of the congress.
Similarly, these students will be able to gain from our mutually beneficial agreement
in preparing them for their professional future ahead. Furthermore, attached to the
email we sent you, you will find a file named “Sponsor Packages”, where you can find
all the information about exactly what we need and what we can offer.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,
Svania Panagiota                                    Sotirchou Angeliki
Sponsorship Director                               Sponsorship Director

Thessaloniki                                           Thessaly