Automimmune diseases of humans and veterinary microbiology - an opinion article

 Published: 30 Jul 2018 | Last Updated: 30 Jul 2018 14:04

An open access ‘opinion’ article in the fields of veterinary microbiology and public health was published recently in the International Journal of Cell Science and Molecular Biology by John Ikonompoulos the President of the European College of Veterinary Microbiology.1 The article focuses on the challenges in the investigation of the etiology of specific autoimmune diseases and the potential impact of food additives, particularly erythritol and arabinogalactan, on the dramatic increase in some of these diseases in humans. He addressed the topic within the context of veterinary microbiology, although it is clear that veterinary medicine can prove critical in dealing with this emerging public health threat. He concluded that it is critical that competent authorities involved in protecting public health revise their licensing strategy for food additives to include indications of harmfulness or even proof of safety.  Read article…

  1. Ikonomopoulos John. Autoimmune Diseases and Inflammatory Disorders of Unknown Etiology; Contemplating Causation and Implication in Public Health Protection. Int J cell Sci & mol biol. 2018; 4(4): 555642. DOI: 10.19080/IJCSMB.2018.04.555642