Call for EBVS National Representatives for Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and Romania - Deadline for submission 15 NOvember- New Deadlilne for submission for Czech Rep 5 January, 2021

 Published: 07 Oct 2020 | Last Updated: 28 Dec 2020 05:47

The European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS) is a non-profit organization committed to leading and
promoting veterinary specialist professional training and certification in Europe, aiming to ensure superior animal
and public health and well-being (

EBVS National Representatives aim to broadcast the existence and purpose of the EBVS and European Veterinary
Specialisation, within their own countries.

National Representatives should be:

 recognized at country level and active in their national specialist association (where applicable),

 able to meet with chambers and statutory bodies of their country, so they can act on behalf of EBVS,

 good ambassadors for EBVS and the speciality Colleges - they should not be isolated to their own discipline,
but must be willing and able to support all Colleges and

 Diplomates of suitable seniority (ideally with a letter of endorsement from their respective College).

National Representatives will be tasked with, among others:

 contacting their professional veterinary licensing body (competent authority) to enquire if they are
recognising the EBVS Diplomates, and if not, understanding the issues and working with the support of EBVS to gain
recognition of EBVS and its Colleges,

 gathering a database of Veterinary Educational organisations, professional groups and societies within their
geographical area, to whom EBVS should liaise;

 encouraging all Veterinary Diplomates in their country to use the EBVS specialist title and the EBVS logo on
their letterhead and promotional materials;

 exploring the possibilities to establish a national veterinary specialist organization;

 preparing an annual report of activities and

 attending any National Representatives’ meeting organized by the EBVS Executive Committee, for which
travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the EBVS.

For more information on the role of EBVS National representative, please see:

Applicants will be evaluated by the EBVS Selections Committee, reviewed by the Executive Committee and will be
appointed by the EBVS Board.

National Representatives will be appointed for 4 years and normally can be extended once.

Interested colleagues should send a CV, a motivational letter and, if possible, a letter of endorsement from their
college, to:

George C. Fthenakis, DipECSRHM, DipECAR, e-mail

Deadline for receiving applications is: 15 November 2020.

EBVS Selections Committee
George Fthenakis, Dip.ECSRHM, Dip.ECAR, Paolo Martelli, Dip.ECPHM, Pierre Maliver, Dip.ECVP