IMPORTANT: EU Antibiotic Ban - Invitation to sign/spread 'open letter' against EP resolution

 Published: 26 Aug 2021 | Last Updated: 26 Aug 2021 06:33

Dear colleagues,
We hope this email finds you well and enjoying the end of the summer.
We hope that you have received the following message already through other channels but it is of such great importance for the veterinary profession that we prefer that you receive it 5x than not at all. We encourage you to sign it on behalf of your college and to share it with your members if you think they may not have received it yet through other channels. We also encourage anyone with political connections to activate these to communicate the importance of voting against this motion.
The following was shared by FVE:

In preparation for the European Parliament vote in the week of 13 September, EPRUMA partners have prepared an ‘open letter’.

This open letter calls on Members of the European Parliament to vote against the Motion for a Resolution tabled which suggests putting all WHO Highest Priority Critical Important Antimicrobials on the reserved list for humans i.o.w. to have them banned for use in animals (colistin, macrolides, fluoroquinolones and 3rd and 4th gen cephalosporins).

The aim is to get the letter signed by as many EU and national organisations as possible; veterinary associations, farm associations, feed industry associations, animal welfare associations, etc. To have signatures of national associations is important as Members of the European Parliament are for electoral reasons more sensitive to national stakeholders than only EU ones.

Please sign the letter and spread it to as many national organisations you work with as possible; the more signatures we manage to collect, the more weight our call for rejection has.

The deadline for signing is 6 September, after this, the letter will be forwarded to the Parliament.

Link to letter:

Yours sincerely,

The FVE team

Ulrike Tewes

Office Manager