New EBVS Chief Executive Officer Dr. Lidewij Wiersma (EVPC)

 Published: 31 Oct 2017 | Last Updated: 31 Oct 2017 13:53

A call for the new EBVS Chief Executive Officer went out in June, 2017. Eleven applications were received. The Selection Committee (Jimmy Saunders, Josh Slater, Laura Kramer) evaluated these, based on a number of criteria, including management experience, ability to implement and communicate mission, strategic goals and objectives and to act as professional representative of the EBVS. Interviews of selected candidates took place at the Royal Veterinary College in London on Sunday October 15th , 2017

Dr. Lidewij Wiersma ( is a graduate of Bristol University. She carried out her ECVP Residency programme at Utrecht and her PhD on “Emerging viral zoonoses” at the ERASMUS Medical Center in Rotterdam. Her current employment with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has provided Dr. Wiersma with outstanding direction and leadership skills and experience in communication. She is highly committed to education in general and to veterinary specialization in particular and her experience in developing relationships with professional and political organizations is solid. She has the necessary skills to promote the interests of the EBVS and keep them on relevant agendas and her future vision for the EBVS is one we believe will be shared by us all. Dr. Wiersma has accepted the CEO position from January 2018-January 2019.

We are confident that the working relationships Dr. Wiersma will establish in the future with the Executive Committee, EBVS Board members and active committees will be stimulating and fruitful for the future of the EBVS and we look forward to welcoming her.

Best wishes

Jimmy Saunders, EBVS President