Report from EBVS Secretary (elected) Laura Kramer

 Published: 11 Apr 2016 | Last Updated: 11 Apr 2016 10:32

It has been a very interesting year for me as EBVS Secretary. It has not been easy filling Linda Horspool’s shoes and I would like to thank her so much for all the help, words of wisdom and support that she has given me and the Executive Committee in the last year. I would also like to thank EBVS secretariat Areti Kesisoglou and EBVS CEO Dimitris Raptopoulos for all the hard work and support they have given me, the EBVS Executive Committee and the colleges. Nothing could get done without them!  

The EBVS Executive Committee held meetings almost every month: three face-to-face meetings, one in October 2015, one in January 2016 and one on April 14 prior to the AGM, both in Brussels, and skype meetings in the other months. The minutes of these meetings are available to all diplomates on the members dashboard of the EBVS website. As in past years, the Executive Committee have divided up representation at external meetings during 2015-2016.  FVE and UEVP meetings were attended by EBVS President Dominiek Maes, VetCEE meetings by Dominiek Maes or Jimmy Saunders, ECCVT meetings by Dominiek Maes, Stephen May, Jimmy Saunders and the CEO, EAEVE and ABVS meetings by Stephen May.

I represented the EBVS during talks with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) regarding recent change in policy for EBVS Specialists working in the UK. Two meetings were held, one via Skype and one face-to-face at Belgravia House London, with RCVS representatives, EBVS national representative Joy Archer and myself. The EBVS considers the new policy as an important step towards national involvement not only in the recognition of the specialist title, but in its regulation as well, which is a fundamental aspect of the CTF initiative.

Following the June 2015 unveiling of the new EBVS website, one of our focusses this year has been on promoting the use of the website by our Colleges. Together with the EBVS Communications Committee, we held a website survey among our College website adminsitrators and organized a webinar in November. For the first time this year, annual reports were prepared and submitted online and it would appear that the process went smoothly. We will be collecting your feedback at the AGM! We would like to see, however, greater use of the website by individual diplomates and the public. The EBVS Communications Committee, with whom I liason, will be talking more about that at the AGM on Saturday morning.  By the way, thanks so much to website support team Jeff Bullock and Peter Nunn.

Finally, this year, the second award for outstanding contributions to veterinary specialisation in Europe will be presented to Eric Teske (ECVIM-CA). The award ceremony will be held at the end of the afternoon session of the AGM on Friday and will be followed by the EBVS dinner.

Much, if not all, of the documentation you will need for this year’s AGM has been posted in the secure section of the EBVS website (under DocumentationAGM 2016 - login required, only accessible to Board Members in Board Member Publications on March 3rd, 2016. Please take the time to download it and read it carefully so that we can all engage in fruitful and constructive discussion at the meeting.