Request for old/used equipment

 Published: 04 Nov 2019 | Last Updated: 04 Nov 2019 11:08

The Association for the Conservation of Biological Diversity is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, which has been carrying out concrete actions for the conservation of endangered species and habitats since 2003 and works with local communities for sustainable development based on respect for nature. In 2007, we established, in the south-east of Romania, in the city of Focsani, the Center for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, one of the 4 authorized rehabilitation centers at national level. ( )

Since its foundation, the financing of the Centre is provided by our organization with the help of donations and sponsors. Like any other non-profit organization that needs to get funding, make itself known in the community, adhere to programs, depend on sponsors, we have many tasks to do, but now it is a priority for us to be able to procure some veterinary equipment that is strictly necessary for endowment of the veterinary cabinet of the Centre for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife. We would urgently need a device for inhalation anesthesia, an oxygen concentrator and a portable radiological device.

Looking for an organization that owns some old/used equipment that they plan to renounce, to consider the possibility to donate them to our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Even if they are deprecated we will do our best to use them as long as possible for our mission to save injured wild animals.

If you or somebody else requires more information on our activity I will be more than happy to answer to further questions.

Thank you for your patience!

Kind regards,

Ioan-Mihai POP

Str. Ion Creangă, nr.12, Focșani

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