Showcasing EBVS at Finnish annual veterinary meeting

 Published: 05 Dec 2016 | Last Updated: 05 Dec 2016 14:19

The European Board of Veterinary Specialisation was showcased during the annual congress of the Finnish Veterinary Association in Helsinki (30 Nov - 2 Dec). EBVS national representative for Finland and EBVS Communications Group chairperson Professor Dr Olli Peltoniemi used the opportunity to have a small stand in the exhibition and assess awareness of EBVS amongst attending veterinarians. The event was aimed to raise awareness of EBVS, what it stands for, the EBVS website and potential residency supervisors.  Most veterinarians asked knew what a Diplomate was but did not realise that EBVS was the umbrella organization behind European Veterinary Specialists.

The stand included a live demonstration of the EBVS website and visitors were able to select a specialty that they were interested in and visit either the College or Diplomates within Finland or other Nordic countries who are working in that speciality. Dr Peltoniemi reports that the stand was busy and the response of veterinarians was very positive.