Update from the UK following the Brexit vote

 Published: 02 Nov 2016 | Last Updated: 02 Nov 2016 09:15

There is no doubt that the vote in the UK in June in favour of Brexit will have long term and far reaching consequences for all professions including our own. The veterinary specialist community is an international one with a high proportion of the specialists working in the UK obtaining their specialist qualification under the EBVS system. Further a proportion of the specialists currently practising in the UK are non-UK EU nationals. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS; the veterinary regulatory authority in the UK) has proactively set up a Presidential Taskforce with the remit of assessing the possible implications of Brexit for the regulation and provision of veterinary services and working to ensure threats are mitigated and opportunities are exploited.

The RCVS has a good working relationship with veterinary organisations across Europe including EBVS, FVE and EAEVE. The RCVS is fully committed to continued collaborative working with our veterinary professional colleagues across Europe. Our goal during the Brexit process is to play an active part in supporting the UK Government to develop and negotiate solutions that work for our profession and ensure a focus is kept on animal welfare and service to the public.

Amanda Boag

RCVS Council member, Treasurer and member of the Brexit Presidential taskforce

ECVECC President and member of EBVS Board