VETCEE General Assembly meeting - Brussels, 14 May 2019 VetCEEi

 Published: 24 Jun 2019 | Last Updated: 24 Jun 2019 06:21

VetCEE General Assembly took place in Brussels on 14 May. Full and Associate Members decidedon the actions for next year and elected the new president and treasurer. VetCEE had the pleasure to welcome Prof Frederik Pille (University of Ghent) and Prof Annemarie Kristensen (University of Copenhagen) to share their experience from the establishment and evaluation of their middle tier veterinary programmes. They provided interesting feedback and had a lively exchange with the audience. Both speakers highlighted the value of the VetCEE Approval for their establishments and for the veterinarians they graduate from those programmes.

The establishment of a new board took also place during this year. The board is currently composed by Dr Andrew Robinson (president), Dr Marjan Tacer (treasurer). Prof Frank Gasthuys (EAEVEii), Prof
Jimmy Saunders (EBVSiii), Dr Rafael Laguens (FVEiv) and Dr Kenelm Lewis (UEVPv).

Over 2019, VetCEE Board will look into optimisation of the overall management of the organisation and proceed with actions that will ensure the fulfilment of the VetCEE goals. Additionally, the board
will seek to work in close collaboration with all the members to increase visibility of the organisation to the relevant audiences. They will also continue the work towards a tiered approach in post-graduate
veterinary training in close collaboration with the veterinary specialists. Standard and Dossier of Competences have to be regularly reviewed to ensure that they are fit-for purpose and up-to-date. This will be another priority for the organisation this year. Currently the
dossier of competences in porcine health management is under review and the updated version is expected soon. The subcommittee working on this project is jointly supervised by EAPHMvi and ECPHMvii.
VetCEE will soon launch the process for the revision of the Standard, which has to be completed in 2021. A consultation among all members and other stakeholders will be organised as part of the overall process.

The next dossier of competences to be reviewed will be the one in laboratory animal science and medicine (2020) and then in companion animal practice (2021). The supervising organisations will
be invited in due course to establish the respective subcommittees to work on those projects. In the meantime, VetCEE has given the official mandate to the Subcommittee, which works on the development of a new dossier of competences in veterinary public health. The subcommittee is supervised by five organisationsviii. This is work in progress.

VetCEE continues this year with the ERASMUS+ programme HERMES - Harmonisation & Recognition of LAS education and training in MEmber States. The project looks into creating a framework model
for training requirements of professionals as required by article 23 of the Directive 2010/63/EU. VetCEE has been involved to share its expertise in this area of quality assurance and accreditation of training.
Finally, VetCEE is currently preparing a new modern website. In the meantime information is available on the old webpage.