• EBVS newsletter

     06 Dec 2016

    Newsletter issue 10: Autumn 2016

    From the Editor

    The newsletter is an important part of EBVS communications. The newsletter has changed format with the move to the new EBVS website … more

  • Update from the UK following the Brexit vote

     02 Nov 2016

    There is no doubt that the vote in the UK in June in favour of Brexit will have long term and far reaching consequences for all professions including our own. The veterinary specialist community is … more


     10 May 2016

    The ‘EBVS Specialisation Award’ was instituted by the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS) in 2013 “to acknowledge outstanding contributions to the course of … more

  • Report from EBVS Secretary (elected) Laura Kramer

     11 Apr 2016

    It has been a very interesting year for me as EBVS Secretary. It has not been easy filling Linda Horspool’s shoes and I would like to thank her so much for all the help, words of wisdom and … more

  • Report from EBVS President Dominiek Maes

     11 Apr 2016

    Since our last AGM in April 2015, EBVS has worked hard on different areas of its core activities, with the aim to further improve its functioning, to strengthen collaborations with other … more

  • LinkedIn group for EBVS diplomates

     16 Mar 2016

    Diplomates of EBVS Colleges that are members of LinkedIn or who join LinkedIn are welcome to join the EBVS diplomates group set up by the EBVS communications working group: https://www. … more

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