• Call for EBVS National Representatives

     31 Oct 2017

    The EBVS national representative’s role is to broadcast the existence and purpose of the EBVS and European Veterinary Specialisation, within all countries in which EBVS Diplomates of any … more

  • EBVS Diplomate Survey

     10 May 2017

    A survey was conducted by the EBVS communications committee to identify and evaluate different issues of importance, such as the use of the specialist title, EU recognition of training as a … more

  • EBVS multiple choice question workshop

     10 May 2017

    On Friday, April 21st  2017, the EBVS Executive Committee organized a workshop in Brussels dealing with the complex issue of developing multiple choice questions for college diplomate … more

  • Service to EBVS recognised

     10 May 2017

    Stephen May (ECVS) has left the EBVS Executive Committee after a number of years of dedicated service. Stephen served as EBVS Secretary (2012-2013), Vice President (2013-2014), President (2014-2016) … more

  • EBVS website update

     10 May 2017

    The EBVS website has undergone some changes in the last few months. Thanks so much to website support team at the RVC, Jeff Bullock and Peter Nunn. The contract with the webmasters has been … more

  • EBVS President's Annual Report, Dominiek Maes

     10 May 2017

    During the last year, EBVS has worked hard on different areas of its core activities, with the aim to further improve its functioning, to strengthen collaborations with other organizations, and to … more

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