• 2015 to 2016

    December 6 - Action points of the last EC meeting, CTF, TM, Terminology non-practising, EBVS Award, College changes to docs, ECVM and ECVSMR, AOB

    November 8 - Action points of the last EC meeting, CTF, TMs, ECAAH query, ECVM progress, ECVSMR progress, AOB

    October 13 - Actions points of the last EC meeting, CTF, TMs, Finances, AGM, Report from the committees, AOB a) DE facto dips, b) rights for dips to see failed exams, c) lower amount of points for part time dips, d) Awards, elections renewal CEO and secretariat contracts, e) ECVSMR

    August 22 - CTF, Electronic voting, Double Diplomates, Committee tasks, Trademarks, AOB a) ECVM, b) booking for next AGM, c) examination workshop, d)ECCVT meeting

    June 15 - Actions May meeting, CTF, Double diplomates, Website, Exam founding members EVDC, Work of the SQA and Governance committees, AOB a) appeal cost,b) Future meetings, c) problems with e-mail accounts, d) role of EBVS in ethically reviewed papers presented in college conferences

    May 3 - CTF, Feedback from the AGM, Website, FVE on Veterinary Specialisation, AOB a)ECZM, b) ECSHRM, c) EVDC

    March 17 - Minutes of the Last EC meeting, secretary report, CTF update, ECCVT meeting, Agenda for Nat. Rep meeting, Agenda for AGM, AOB a) appeals, b) russian specialisation, c) mobility data from website, d) specialist education on website, e) group photo at AGM

    February 18 - Minutes of the last EC meeting, secretaryitems, CTF, Governance and COC working group, P&P changes, finalisation AGM agenda, AOB a)communication appeal ,b) Review procedure 5-year report, c) Trdemarks, d) mini websites, e) European College assessment

    January13-14 - Minutes of the last EC meeting, report from Code of Conduct and Governance wg., report from communications wg., report from Quality and standards wg., finances, CTF, VSMR, trademarks, appeals, contracts CEO/secretariat, AOB a)ECCVT, b)ECVECC, c)OIE letter, d)Ref. letters,e)re-evaluation forms for diploamates

    Draft AGM agenda, dates for future AGM, workshop, secret voting, date of submission of 5-year reports

    December 10 - Minutes of the last EC meeting, Secreary's report, CTF application, ECCVT, appeal, Model Constitution/Bylaws, Changes to P&P, Code of conduct, ECVM question, AOB a)award, b) re-certification, c) acceptance of non EAEVE residents, d) workshop, e) prologning the annual report deadline submission, f) full redognition procedure, g) VSMR h)internships

    October 16 - Minutes of the last EC meeting, CTF, Changes to EBVS P&P, Finances,College charges,Communications Working Group, AGM, AOB- a) ECVECC complaint or apeal, b) ECZM complaint, c) EBVS award, d) VSMR, e) when and how to proceed with SWOT analysis of EBVS, f) Evaluation of working groups

    September 17 - Minutes of the last EC meeting, progress on trademarks, new policy of RCVS, model Constitution/Bylaws, K-S-Cs & QA , ESAVS, College examinations, ECVS (reply after the AGM decision), Liaion Officers for the College of Microbiology, AOB a) JS to replace DM in November VetCEE meeting, b) proposal for a new College: Veterinary Medicine in low income economies, c) deadline for submission of the application for recognition of the ECVM, d) Erasmus, e) ECVS survey for the acceptance of VSMR, f) arrangements for the European Commission meeting

    August 14 - RCVS policy, EBVS Comms Com activity, EBVS website, Attendance of ECCVT meeting in October 2015, Recognition of Specialist Veterinary Nurses

    June 30 - Trademarks , working Groups, CTF, finances a) College charges b) Financial report to be used in 5-year detailed reports, template for reviewers of 5-year detailed reports, specialist in one area but diplomate in two,   re-evaluation forms of 3 Colleges, consistency in using the same terminology,   Question from EVDC: Can an AVDC Dipl become a European specialist without being an EVDC Dipl,  AOB -a) Change in RCVS’s policy b) Annual report from National representatives , c) Table with re-imbursement of costs for AGM amended, d) Representation of the EC members in other Organisations, e) Activities of EC from May 2015 to April 2016, f) Future EC meetings

    May 26 - Draft Minutes of AGM, Trademarks, Survey of Board members and National Reps, Working groups, CTF, Website, Template for 5-year report review,
    Logo use on College certificates, Expenses, ECLAM request for support, Presentations by EC members, Next meeting Detailed reports from ECZM

  • 2017

    January 26-27 - Minutes from last EC meeting, report from Communications Committee, report from SQA committee, report from G&CoC commitee, finances, CTF, TM, double dip actions, strategic plan, CEO & secretariat, EBVS award, ECVM IEC members, ECVSMR, workshop, ABVS attendance, new college proposals, AGM agenda drafting, meeting with ECZM reps, AOB- contact person and representatatives

    February 16 - Minutes from last EC meeting, finalisation AGM agenda, AGM docs to be uploaded, TM, titles for 'non-practising' dips, workshop, mini websites

    March 17 - Minutes from the last EC meeting, activities and titles of 'non-practising' diplomates,  changes to the P&P, TM, exam platform for Colleges, founding by examination vs by equivalent examination, AOB - ABVS meeting, Job task analysis, ECVM request, AGM presentations

    May 16 - TM, changes to the P&P, National Representatives, professional auditors, G&CoC members and SQA chairperson,add best practise in finance to the existing G&CoC SOP document, Detailed report template, Definition of 'internationally recognised', AOB - CTF, CEO call, Taxation status, associae members, post AGM surveys

    June 13 - Actions from the previous EC meting, CTF, 'Non-Practising' required documentation changes, 5-year report templates, Trade Mark use policy, EC members being college committee members, SQA committee, taxatation in the NL, attendance of external meetings, AOB - CEO received applications

    July 13 - Actions from the previous EC meeting, CTF, changes to documentation, 5-year report template, strategic meeting, AOB - dates for committee meetings, Collegesrequests, appeals received, CEO application

    September 07 - Actions from the previous EC meeting, changes to the P&P, Specialist Titles-TM Policy- CM, CTF, New College registration, last AGM actions, strategy meeting, f-f meetings of committees,AOB a) Communication com, b) college reminder for AR data, mini site, 

    October 10 - Actions from the previous EC meeting,changes to the P&P, Specialist Titles-TM Policy- CM, CTF, January f-f committee meetings, EU personal data regulation, strategy meeting, AOB - communication com report, JTA, joint detailed report, appeals

    November 8- Strategic meeting, P&P-Titles-CM, finances, committee reprots, exam pass rates, EU data regulation, AGM, VetCEE, Brexit, AOB

    December 12 - Actions from previous meeting, CM-TM, CTF-EAHP, Recredentialing after failing 4 times, committee reprots, EBVS Award, January f-f meetings, Appeals update

  • 2013 to 2014

    April 10 - EBVS Mediation and Appeal; AGM - reports, awards, website provider, internal audit, National representatives meeting; Workshop - filming; CTF; EC meetings; Newsletter

  • 2014 to 2015

    April 17-18 AGM

    April 16 - AGM matters, Progressing European Specialists Recognition, EC Meetings in 2015, Newsletter

    March 2 - AGM Agenda,Finances, Registration of the Constitution, Changes to Appeals Procedures, Request from the Czech National Representative, Correspondence from IVSA-SCOVE, Correspondence on Promotion of EBV, ABVS report, VetCEE, ESCO

    January 27 - Arrangements for AGM and pre AGM EC meeting. AGM Agenda. Website. Finances - deferred costs. Working groups on Code of Practice and on Standards. Working group on ECVSMR. Archiving exam papers. Detailed 5-year reports. 9. New provisional colleges (ECAAH & ECVECC). Annual reports - 7% increase in diplomat numbers in 2014. Changes to Appeal Procedures. ΑΟΒ - BCVSp meeting, Registration of the Constitution, EVDC - Equine Dentistry subspecialty relevant information and documentation, next meeting, CTF, Meetings to be attended, Equivalent examinations in Europe.June 20 - Website contract to be signed. Clarification of Appeal committee role and expectations. National Representatives meeting minutes circulated. Draft overview per country to be prepared. AGM Minutes few comments. Budget approval and further detail of line items in future budgets. External professional auditors do not seem to be compulsory within Dutch association law. Workshop participant survey. Changes to constitution and policies and procedures. Other business - future meeting dates, meeting minute summaries to forum, proposed college, radiation oncology, appeal. 

    December 4 - AGM venue. CTF. Website. AGM draft agenda. Newsletters - coordinator required, via website. “Progressing European Specialist Recognition” session on Saturday, 18 April. ECVSMR working group. Complaint against a Colllege - the diplomate and the College will be contacted to confirm that such complaints should follow official College channels. Changes to Appeal Procedures. AOB - British College of Veteirnary Specialists, Data privacy. Updated Constitution and translation.

    October 6 to 7 - Changes to the Constitution and Policies and Procedures. Changes to Appeal Procedure. Cost of appeals. New provisional colleges. ECVSMR working group. Finances, newsletter. Venue for the 2015 AGM. AOB - CTF, website, workshop 2014 Videos - questions for self-assessment. Awards. ECCVT. Working group on impact of proposals for designated veterinarians on veterinary school curricula. EBVS Archive. College matters arising. Benchmarking to EQF8. Strategy meeting and SWOT.

    September 19 - Changes to the Constitution and Policies and procedures. Changes to the appeal procedures. Cost of appeals. Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation - EC member to guide working group. New website - individual college sites. Venue for the 2015 AGM. Awards. AOB - template for national web pages; strategy discussion.

    May 20 - Two appeals and one mediation. College matter - query on examination referred. Application for College recognition (Honeybee Medicine) Website. Finances - confirmation that Dutch law does not require external audit of EBVS finances. Strategic discussion at October EC meeting. Dates for 2015 meetings. AOB.