An assistant position in zoological medicine, starting September 15, 2022.- University of Liège,

The Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, Faculty ofVeterinary Medicine, University of Liège, Belgium, offers
An assistant position in zoological medicine, starting September 15, 2022.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Liège is situated outside of the city centre on a hilly slope which represents the start of the
beautiful Ardennes. The University has a brand new fully-equipped hospital:intensive care unit, digital X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, endoscopy(gastrointestinal, respiratory and cystoscopy), …. (for a virtual visit of our

A specific area of the hospital is dedicated to zoological medicine with three units of hospitalization (small mammals, birds and reptiles) and specific consultation rooms.
The actual team includes diplomates in internal medicine (5 Dipl. ECVIMCA), cardiology (1 ECVIM-CA Cardio), surgery (5 Dipl. ECVS), emergency and critical care (1 Dipl. ECVECC; 1 ACVECC), diagnostic imaging (3 Dipl.
ECVDI), dermatology (1 Dipl. ECVD), reproduction (2 Dipl. ECAR), ophthalmology (2 Dipl. ECVO), anaesthesiology (1 ECVAA), neurology (1Dipl. ECVN), nutrition (1 Dipl. ECVCN) and zoological medicine (1 Dipl.ECZM).

The team in zoological medicine also includes clinicians, 2 interns and 1 nurse dedicated to zoological medicine.
Caseload for small animals is around 14.000 cases a year including around 1.000 zoological medicine cases. More than 1.000 referring vets are working with our hospital.

These advantages offer a significant potential to grow for zoological medicine activity in our teaching hospital, for enthusiastic, dynamic and motivated candidates. Development of research activity in zoological
medicine is also a possibility (pHd thesis, etc…)
The assistant will take responsibility for consultations and routine surgical interventions of small mammals, avian and herpetology cases. He/she will be involved in clinical teaching to students and will be partially responsible for
advising interns.
Experience in zoological medicine (small mammals, birds and reptiles) is mandatory. Candidates should have knowledge of the French language, in order to efficiently communicate with students and colleagues. Educational
experience would also be considered as an advantage.

For further informations regarding the positions, do not hesitate to contact Pr
Annick Hamaide (

Applications should include updated curriculum vitae, a letter of intent, and 2
reference letters. Applications and reference letters must be sent by email,
before March 15, 2022, to Nadine Fis (